The Best Yoga Socks You Need To Purchase

It happens to us all at one time or another. You're taking an early morning yoga class, and the studio is still a little chilly. You're on your mat barefoot, and you can't concentrate on your poses because your feet are cold. When the feet are cold, the whole body can become uncomfortable, and it can be very difficult to focus on your practice. 

But if you bring along a pair of yoga socks, your feet can stay warm and toasty without sacrificing the grip, control, or balance necessary to hold even the most challenging poses. 

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What are Yoga Socks?

Yoga socks are ideal for keeping your feet warm and dry during your practice. They allow you to grip your mat or any floor with ease and offer enough freedom to spread your toes and stretch your foot as if you're wearing nothing at all. 

That's because yoga socks are built just like regular socks, except with greater moisture-wicking qualities, increased grip, and open-toe options for better control. They are also made of lightweight materials, making them the perfect accessory to bring with you to the studio any time of the year. 

What are the Benefits of Yoga Socks?

First and foremost, your feet are going to feel a whole lot warmer when you put on a pair of yoga socks. You have a range of options when it comes to the cut and profile of your sock, as well as open and closed-toe variations, providing you with the level of warmth you need when you practice. 

Yoga socks also offer an exceptional grip with silica or gel appliques along with the sock's sole, giving you improved traction no matter what surface you choose to practice on. They are manufactured with lighter materials that stretch easily, so your foot won't feel constricted by a limited range of motion. Both of these features will make it easier to establish and maintain more challenging poses. 

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What are Tips for Buying Yoga Socks?

Buying a pair of yoga socks is no different than buying the right yoga mat or finding the right yoga class for your particular skill level. You need to do your research into different brands on the market. Some will be better than others, and you can base that standard on criteria such as comfort, materials, and traction. 

Get online and start reading customer reviews at your preferred e-retailer. You can get a good cross-section of recommended brands from satisfied and dissatisfied consumers alike. You can also seek out trusted online resources that review yoga gear and find out which socks they recommend. 

What are the Best Yoga Socks You Need to Purchase?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the best yoga socks you need to purchase. This is a personal choice that each consumer needs to determine based on his or her own specific needs. But we have a few suggestions that we recommend you seek out first when it's time to buy: 

Girl doing yoga wearing Time May Tell Non-Slip Cushion Yoga Socks

Best Moisture Wicking - Time May Tell Non-Slip Cushion Yoga Socks

We love these yoga socks because they are constructed from combed cotton, which is ideal for the absorption of sweat. And while the sweat can lead to bad odor, this material brings a protective component to eliminate the growth of bacteria that promotes those odors and increase the risk of fungal infection.  When you are planning on taking your practice above and beyond the usual time limit or temperature, these are the socks to get.  

Bombas Gripper socks

Best All Day Wear - Bombas Gripper Socks

There are a couple of things to love about these socks for all-day wear. They are ready to take on whatever you throw at them during your busy day as they are ankle-high and will stay in place without slipping down around your heel. They are manufactured from a blend of cotton and polyester and come with ultra-thin PVC grip to keep you on your feet without sliding around. And the Honeycomb Arch Support System ensures that your foot gets the support it needs no matter what your workout entails. 

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ZELLA Barre Socks

Best for the Gym - ZELLA Barre Socks

So maybe yoga isn't your only form of exercise. Perhaps you like mixing it up and hitting the gym in between yoga classes. We have the perfect yoga sock for your hectic schedule. ZELLA has a yoga sock made from a blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon to give you a resilient sock best-suited for the studio and the gym. The traction on these socks is excellent, with silicone grips that extend along the entire length of the foot to keep from losing your grip on slippery surfaces. 

 DubeeBaby Women's Yoga Socks DubeeBaby Women's Yoga Socks


Best Overall - DubeeBaby Women's Yoga Socks

For the best overall experience that incorporates all of the features and capabilities, you would expect in a great pair of yoga socks, look no further than DubeeBaby. They feel incredibly light and comfortable and come equipped with three-dimensional gel patterns on the socks' sole. This gel offers increased cushioning, better traction, and better shock absorption for doing yoga, pilates, or any other light exercise on a hardwood floor. 

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What Other Yoga Activewear Should You Try?

It never hurts to seek out other performance-enhancing gear to help improve your practice. Yoga socks are great for better traction, but if you're not comfortable, you'll never be able to get the most of your session. So consider a pair of leggings for maximum movement and a sports bra for total support. 

Many studios have taken their classes outdoors due to COVID-19, and if you are planning on attending one of these reduced capacity sessions, you'll need a face mask. These are becoming mandatory in many states now, and you don't want to be caught unprepared. 

Closing Remarks 

Now that you have all the information you could need about purchasing yoga socks, you can make the choice that is best for you and your practice. Whether you want a sock that covers your entire foot or something with a little more exposure, there are options to suit every lifestyle. 

If you're interested in yoga, check out our store to get the gear you’ll need to get started.

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