20 Best Mesh Leggings

Leggings have become a must-have piece of clothing that can be found in almost any woman’s closet, and there’s little wonder as to why. They’re sleek, stylish, comfortable, and completely versatile. Whether you’re looking for new workout gear, something cute for an upcoming date, or just a pair of pants that are comfy to lounge around the house in, leggings are the perfect solution. It’s not too late to get in on all of the hot styles of mesh leggings that everyone’s been raving about in 2022.


1. Black Mesh High Waist Legging

Yoga Society


$50.00 $45.00

The Black Mesh High Waist Leggings from Yoga Society feature a classic mesh design that is perfect for the yoga studio or your day-to-day life. A high-waist and compression waistband provide support while the quick-dry, breathable fabric is perfect for high intensify workouts. These leggings are available on sale at $45.00 for a limited time only, making this the perfect chance to get these great leggings a great price! 

2. Off The Grid Capri Leggings

Off The Grid Capri white leggings from Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga



With stylish mesh designs that anyone can fall in love with, these Off The Grid Capri leggings are perfect for wearing out on the town or for working your body to the limit at the gym. Featuring breathable knit-mesh detailing along the sides and 4-way stretch fabric that sculpts, lifts, and smooths out the legs, these leggings are designed to complement wearers of every size. 

3. Mila High-Waisted Pocket Capri Leggings

Mila High-Waisted Pocket Capri black leggings from Fabletics




Fabletics is offering these high-waisted pocket Capri leggings that are specially designed to provide max compression to flatter your form along with a hidden side pocket. These leggings are functional, comfortable, and a choice fashion statement available in a selection of colors, including an eccentric mix of neon yellows and greens. While typically priced at $64.95, you can take advantage of their new two for $24.00 VIP offer.

4. Contour Flex High-Waisted Leggings with Ribbed Power Waist

Couture Flex High-Waisted black leggings with ribbed power waist from All in Motion

All in Motion



Made from lightweight flex fabric and specially designed to support you during dance practice, pilates, and yoga, these slimming Contour Flex High-Waisted Leggings are perfect for workouts. Featuring cooling power-mesh panels, side pockets, and flat seams, these leggings are specifically designed to hug your form comfortably while you work your body. Use them to run errands or marathons. Either way, you won’t be disappointed in how they make you look and feel.

5. Wunder Under High-Rise Chiffon Mesh

Wunder Under



Not only eye-catching due to the beautiful wine-colored fabric, these High-Rise Chiffon Mesh leggings are also comfortable and functional. They feature a waistband pocket for your cards, keys, or anything else you need to keep around while you go about your day. Specifically designed for use during yoga, these form-fitting leggings are built to support your flow as you stretch, ride, and train your body. Constructed with smooth, low-friction fabric, these leggings are perfect for keeping you cool during your workouts.

6. High Waist Dot Mesh Leggings

Yoga Society


$60.00 $55.00

If you're looking to spice up your legging collection, the Yoga Society High Waist Dot Mesh Leggings are just what you need. These leggings feature multiple mesh panel cutouts with a mix of plain mesh and polka dot designs on the calves and thighs. The breathable, quick-dry fabric of these leggings mean they can take you straight from your workout to your errands, no sweat. 

7. High-Waist Allude Leggings

Alo Yoga



Made with signature Airbrush, 4-way stretch fabric that slims and smooths curves, these Allude leggings are designed to flatter every figure. The mesh side panels feature a sexy strap detailing that resembles a garter on the outer thigh, with moisture-wicking fabric that will make you feel as cool as you look. Whether you’re going out for a night of fun or training for a marathon, these leggings work perfectly. 

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8. Active Mesh Panel Leggings

Forever 21



Forever21 offers these Active Mesh Panel leggings to those looking for anything from a workout outfit to something stylish to wear for a night on the town. These athletic, stretch-knit leggings feature sheer front mesh panels with a mid-rise waistline and a seamless design to keep you cool while also maximizing your comfort

9. High-Waisted Mesh PowerHold




These High-Waisted Mesh Power Hold leggings are made with a breathable, all-way stretch and chafe-resistant fabric meant to support, compress and flatter your form. They also feature hidden pockets to help you keep track of your things while providing you with UPF protection. Normally $79.95 at guest checkout, you can take advantage of their new VIP offer of two for $24.00.

10. Active Colorblock Mesh-Panel Leggings

Forever 21



With a popping white-black color scheme, these Active Mesh-Panel Leggings are perfect for almost every situation. With sheer mesh thigh panels, a high-rise waist, and stretch-knit fabric, these leggings work whether you’re going out for a morning run, an athletic afternoon at the gym, or just a day out on the town. Don’t be afraid to look as powerful as you feel.

11. W Kate Mesh Capri




The attractive color options are far from the only thing to love about these Mesh Capri leggings from Asics. They’re constructed with breathable side-mesh paneling to keep you cool and an elastic waist tie to ensure a perfect fit. They also feature reflective bars for low-light visibility for those early morning excursions or late night runs around the neighborhood. 

Want to get in on the mesh leggings fad? Check out Yoga Society and their great selection that can be worn for much more than yoga.

12. Midnight Mesh Leggings

Good American



Designed with the runway in mind, these luxurious Midnight Mesh Leggings are a fashion statement that you can make whether you’re going out or working out. With its animal print mesh and four-way stretch compression fabric, these leggings offer a perfect balance of comfort and style. Add in the UV protection and quick-dry capabilities, and these may be the ideal leggings for those wanting to express their unique style.

13. Workout Ready Mesh Leggings




Form-fitted to you and made with sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool and focused on your workouts, these Workout Ready Mesh Leggings are what every exercise enthusiast needs in their wardrobe. A mix of comfortable and stylish, you might find yourself looking in the gym mirror a little more than usual when wearing these leggings.

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14. High Waist Compression Pocket Mesh Leggings

American Fitness Couture



American Fitness Couture designed the High Waist Compression Pocket Mesh Leggings with all-purpose functionality in mind. Made with a pocket, mesh detailing along the outer legs, and soft, supported fabric, these leggings were designed to be perfect for almost any occasion. The strong elastic of the high waistband smooths the tummy and hugs your form to accentuate your natural curves

15. The Criss Cross Legging

Good American



The designers from Good American created these Criss Cross Leggings to be worn for and beyond your workout routine. With side mesh panels overlaid with a sexy leatherette laced pattern, you can be sure that you’ll be looking good no matter what occasion you’re wearing them for. Make a head-turning statement with confidence in these leggings and take comfort that the thick, double-layered material will have you ready for anything you face.

16. Pink Mesh Inset Legging

Yoga Society


$65.00 $45.00

These mesh insert leggings from Yoga Society are specifically designed for performance and comfort. They feature a slimming waistband and quick-drying fabric with a lovely mesh detailing along the calf and thigh. Form-fitting and sassy, these leggings are built to hug your curves and make you feel as good as you look. While these are typically $65.00, you can take advantage of their reduced $45.00 price and save $20!

17. ASOS 4505 Contrast Mesh Set in Lilac




These lilac-colored mesh leggings are cute, comfortable, and functional whether you’re chilling on the couch, doing yoga, or working it at the gym. The stretchy lilac fabric noticeably pops against the sleek black mesh paneling which is specially designed to keep you cool and comfortable. Feel confident in yourself and your style and turn a few heads while you go about your day.

18. Women's Essential Mesh Leggings




CALIA by Carrie Underwood went all out on their design for these Women's Essential Mesh Leggings. These leggings are suited for almost any situation with their gorgeous flower-patterned fabric and alternating mesh paneling. Featuring an invisible zipper pocket and smoothing waistband, these tight fit leggings are designed to combine comfort and functionality. Originally priced at $70.00, you can now get them for only $51.97.

19. High-Waist Mesmerize Capri

High-Waist Mesmerize Capri black leggings from Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga



With striped mesh panel detailing to keep you cool and smoothing Airbrush fabric, these High-Waist Mesmerize Capri leggings are specially designed to be worn for more than just working out. The comfortable, four-way stretch fabric hugs your curves, smooths your tummy, and makes you look fantastic whether you’re looking to work or party. These leggings also feature a front panel to allow for commando comfort

20. Women's B Outside the Line Leggings

Women’s B Outside the Line charcoal leggings

Free Country



From yoga to the office to the club, these Women's B Outside the Line Leggings will let you glide through your day in style, comfort, and confidence. The breathable, moisture-wicking, four-way stretch fabric will support you through the most extreme workout routines and the most laid back nights in. Initially $55.00, you can now get these leggings on clearance for $17.97, so be sure to snatch one up before the stock runs out.

Bonus! If none of the options above were what you were looking for, here are 2 extra entries in our list of the best mesh leggings. 

21. High-Waisted Seamless Mesh Legging

High-Waisted Seamless Mesh black leggings by Fabletics




Fabletics takes yet another place on this list with their High-Waisted Seamless Mesh Leggings. Designed to feel as comfortable as a second skin, these leggings feature breathable mesh detailing and a seamless, moisture-wicking, chafe-resistant fabric that’s perfect for everything from the dance studio to your living room couch. Initially sold for $49.95, you can now take home two pairs for only $24.00 if you utilize their new VIP offer.

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22. The Liquid Mix Legging

Good American



Utilizing a high tech design, breathable fabrics, and vibrant color, these The Liquid Mix Leggings are a fashion statement just waiting to be made. Whether you’re planning on working with free weights or just want to go out and turn a few heads, these leggings will bring you the style and comfort you need to get through your day.

Leggings are comfortable, slimming, and can be worn for virtually any situation under the sun. It’s easy to tell why they have become such a common feature of most women’s closets; getting to go from the gym to a party on the town without needing to change saves both your time and energy. 2021 might have ended, but the hype around leggings is bound to last for some time to come. So take a look at what everyone’s been raving about this year while you still have the chance.

If you’re looking to join the 2022 leggings hype train, don’t wait! Take a look at Yoga Society’s selection of unique, colorful leggings today to find something you’ll love.

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