Yoga Mat Bag



    Why a Yoga Mat Bag is Important

    Yoga mats can be tricky to carry around, especially if you don’t have anything to keep them from unraveling. And even if you do use a yoga mat strap to carry your mat, your mat is still unprotected from the elements whenever you travel with it on your back. With this in mind, you may want to invest in a yoga mat bag, since it is the most reliable option for storing and protecting your mat from wear and tear.

    What to Consider When Purchasing a Yoga Mat Bag

    There is a wide variety of options for purchasing a yoga mat bag, each made from different materials. The most often used are nylon, linen, and cotton, although more and more people are tending to favor eco-friendly options. Some yoga bags also come with an option for air holes, so that your mat can air out in-between uses. If you are looking for fabric with more durability, a canvas yoga mat bag is an excellent option, since canvas fabric is long-lasting and can be easily washed.

    Features to Look for in a Yoga Mat Bag

    Yoga mat bags can come with a variety of different features. Some bags come with a number of pockets that can be used to hold keys and phones while traveling to and from the gym. Other bags feature adjustable straps for a more comfortable fit when you’re carrying your mat. Yoga mat bags can also have different closure methods. The most common are zipper and drawstring, but you can find bags that have velcro, snap closures, or bags that don’t’ have any closures and act more like a tote than a mat bag. When choosing a yoga bag, focus on features that will make your mat bag feel comfortable, functional, and secure when in use. Look for products that have reviews from previous customers and see what they say about the yoga mat bag.

    Our Yoga Mat Bag Collection

    Amethyst Tie-Dye Yoga Bag

    With your yoga mat safely stored in the Amethyst Tie-Dye Yoga Bag, you will finally feel inner peace knowing no harm will come to your yoga mat. This bag is 100% soft cotton and comes with adjustable straps and a deep front pocket.

    Dreamscape Tie-Dye Yoga Bag

    Express your inner Zen with the Dreamscape Tie-Dye Yoga Bag. With its colorful hand-dyed design and deep pockets, you can fit your mat along with all your other essentials in one convenient place.

    Bermuda Zip Yoga Bag

    Your mat will be safe and sound in this yoga mat bag, which is made from Fair Trade Certified Organic Cotton. This bag also has three pockets, a zip closure on the side, and is covered with a fun geometric design.

    Recycled PET Yoga Mat Bag - Mandala Charcoal

    For an eco-friendly option, the Recycled PET Yoga Mat Bag is a perfect choice. This bag is made from recycled water bottles and features an eye-catching mandala design.

    Recycled PET Yoga Mat Bag - Java

    If black is not your style, consider the bright print of our Java Recycled PET Yoga Mat Bag. This bag is also made from recycled water bottles for an eco-friendly option.

    Can You Bring a Yoga Mat in a Yoga Mat Bag as a Carry-On?

    Traveling with a yoga mat is no easy task, as any seasoned yogi can tell you. If you aren’t able to opt for a travel yoga mat, a yoga mat bag is the easiest way to transport your mat from point A to point B. While you can check your yoga mat in a bag, it is safer to bring it as a carry-on to ensure it isn’t damaged in transit, as most yoga mat bags aren’t designed to withstand hours in a cargo hold. But if you keep your mat secure in a yoga mat bag, your mat can safely make the journey as a carry-on item.