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    The clothes you wear to a yoga class are just as important as your mat, your props, and your mindset. You would never walk into the studio without mentally preparing yourself for your practice. Similarly, if you're not wearing the right clothing for the class you won't get very far in achieving the goals you've set. That's because the proper clothes fit in a way that allows you to move freely so you can execute every posture correctly while keeping you dry when you sweat (and let's face it, you will sweat.).

    There is no reason to be uncomfortable in your yoga class, nor should you have to worry about your clothes slipping when you’re in the middle of an inversion or stretch. Your clothes need to work with you from start to finish. That doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on style though! So let's explore all of the important factors that one must consider when selecting the right outfit to wear for practicing yoga.

    WFor those of you who already participate in some form of routine exercise or physical activity regimen, you probably have the right clothing to wear already and don't need to purchase anything else new. But if you're turning over a new leaf and you want the workout set to go with it, by all means, read on!

    Yoga clothes are typically constructed from nylon, polyester, and spandex blends which makes these clothes flexible, comfortable, and best of all, fully breathable. That last bit is important because you need to have that airflow for proper ventilation to keep your skin from staying soaked in sweat. Before you buy, consider the following factors as you select your fabrics.

    Flexibility: The reason you don't wear jeans or even thick sweatpants during yoga is that you can't move very easily in them. When you practice yoga, you're putting your body through a series of stretches, movements, and positions that require freedom of movement. In order to perform the poses correctly, you can't be constricted by your gear.

    Comfort Factor: The comfort of the garment means never having to think about it when you're wearing it. This is where the fit of the clothes comes into play. You don't want the waist of your leggings to be too tight or your yoga top to be too loose.

    Ventilation: The breathability of the fabric is another important component of whether or not your yoga gear will be comfortable. The better the airflow and ventilation, the less time your skin feels the moisture from your workout. Seek out clothing that is moisture-wicking. You’ll want to avoid materials such as cotton that will only absorb moisture and remain wet throughout the class. This will not only make you feel a chill but it could irritate the skin.

    When it comes to choosing the right yoga top, there are plenty of suitable options out there. You want something that won't fall out of place, but also won’t feel too tight or constricting around the body. Loose-fitting clothes are typically frowned upon due to their proclivity for becoming too revealing of the torso when you stretch or find yourself inverted. So here are some choices you may want to consider when it's time to buy:

    A good sports bra is an ideal choice for a number of reasons. It offers excellent support and plenty of coverage to ensure that you don't have any wardrobe malfunctions in front of the entire studio. You want to be sure you're wearing one that is comfortable, so opt for a seamless fit without any fasteners or additional superfluous hardware. Chances are you're going to be lying on the floor during your class and you don't want anything digging into your skin.

    If you want something other than a sports bra, you can go with a form-fitting tank or T-shirt. You'll find a variety of yoga tops that have extra support built-in. Staying with a tighter fitting top ensures that it doesn't ride up or down as your body moves from one pose to the next. As always, go with something that has enough flexibility in the fabric to allow you full mobility.

    When in doubt, try on the top first and give it a run-through by stretching, reaching, twisting and even turning yourself upside down to see how it would perform in a classroom setting. Remember, avoid cotton but feel free to try out some cotton-blend materials that breathe easier. We offer free returns on all activewear items so you can try your new activewear set on and make sure it’s the perfect fit!

    The answer to that question is best answered by the individual wearing the pants. What works for one person may not be suitable for another in terms of comfort or fit. The two most common options are leggings and yoga pants, though the former has grown in popularity far more than the latter.

    Leggings: If you're going with leggings, then you want to be cognizant of a couple of factors. First and foremost, ensure that your leggings keep you fully covered. Some materials can become transparent when you stretch in them, which can leave you feeling more than a bit exposed. You'll want to go for materials like nylon and polyester since they can stretch and keep their shape over time. You should also ensure the right fit. Go tight, but not so tight that you cut off the circulation in your body. This is particularly important around the waist, so your leggings don't ride down in the middle of your sequence. The last thing you want is to worry about your leggings slipping down while you're trying to perform a pose.

    Yoga Pants: If you decide you want to wear yoga pants instead, then you have another multitude of options to consider. Do you want a full-length pant or something more akin to a capri fit? You can also decide between high-waist or mid-rise fit, a tighter cut or relaxed cut, even thicker or thinner fabrics. You will also find printed yoga pants or single color choices. Some yoga pants will give you more stretch than others, so you have the choice of fine-tuning the level of flexibility you want in your performance workout gear.

    Shorts: Especially in warmer months, you may be tempted to try going with shorts instead. If you do, be careful that you're not wearing a pair that are too loose to move around when you are performing your postures. Avoid anything too short such as running shorts, they can be too revealing when you least expect. Opt instead for tight-fitting bike shorts or leggings that have been cropped.

    Like any other product you wish to purchase, you want to buy it from a reputable dealer with a wide selection, but you also want quality gear at a great price. We offer a variety of fabrics, styles, colors, and size choices to please every taste and budget. Our clothes have been designed for the perfect combination of form and function, and we offer a variety of designs to suit every yogi. Take a look at our catalog and we think you'll agree. And with free 30-day returns, you’re sure to find a fit and style that is perfect for you.