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    Check out what’s new from Yoga Society -- from masks and accessories to the best hand sanitizer sprays around!

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    We are now required to wear masks for most of the day -- shouldn’t they be stylish and comfortable? Our face masks and coverings are 100% compliant with the standards set by the California Department of Health to help keep you and your community safe while looking fantastic and feeling amazing.

    Ear Savers

    Masks are mandatory for most of us, but they can be uncomfortable to wear all day long - not anymore! Our mask ear savers are a perfect fit for almost any facemask and make mask-wearing go from a struggle to a minor inconvenience as most. Designed to relieve ear pain and discomfort, mask ear savers are durable, flexible, and reusable to make for a snug and hassle-free fit.

    Mask Chains

    How effective is a facemask if you are constantly fiddling with it all day long? With our mask chains, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Do you need to make a phone call or grab a quick bite to eat? Let your mask chain hang and keep your face covering clean with Yoga Society’s stylish mask chains. They even double as a sunglasses chain for when masks aren’t required!

    Hand sanitizer is an essential product right now, and we are proud to offer lemongrass and mint rosewater varieties. Our mint rosewater hand sanitizer spray not only keeps your hands clean, but includes essential oils to help to alleviate anxiety and stress during these trying times. The lemongrass hand sanitizer spray helps to relieve pain, headaches, and migraines while disinfecting your hands of harmful bacteria and germs.

    Every purchase of Yoga Society’s products supports our small business and community, and they allow us to provide jobs for the Californians who need them the most. Thank you for doing your part in keeping everyone safe during these times and supporting local businesses!