It’s hard enough trying to perfect challenging positions like the Lotus, Bakasana, or Downward Dog positions when learning yoga.Add to that wearing uncomfortable, sagging, or tight-fitting clothing while practicing, and your yoga aspirations can become almost self-defeating.

If you are constantly readjusting, fiddling, or shifting your yoga clothes, you’re not able to properly focus on improving your yoga techniques. The most optimal way to get the most mental, spiritual, and physical health benefits out of your yoga exercises is to wear the right clothing. Yoga Society yoga tops are designed to improve your practice so you can focus less on how you look and more on your practice.

Our yoga tops are fashionable, functional, and durable enough to withstand the intensity of any yoga workout or class. Each top is made from high-quality materials that are comfortable and flexible. Yoga Society yoga tops are form-fitting, breathable, and will not restrict your movements as you exercise. Yoga Society yoga tops, sports bras, tank tops, crop tops, t-shirts, and sweatshirts offer comfort, support, and style to maximize your yoga exercise sessions.

Our sports bras, gloss bras, seamless bras, and crop tops are professionally made from a proprietary ratio blend of either nylon, spandex, or rayon, and lycra 17%. Additionally, our Yoga Society t-shirts and sweatshirts are manufactured with a blend of cotton and polyester for maximum comfort. These blends are designed to make our yoga tops ideal for all-day wear, whether your focus is on yoga, exercise, or just running errands.

Each yoga top is made with a balance of stretchability and comfort. Our yoga tops have a fabric ratio that assists in enhancing reaching, lunging, rolling, bending, stretching, and all other natural body movements during exercise. Plus, these fabrics can also help to vent body heat, maximize breathability, and wick away moisture as you exercise. Browse our wide selection of yoga tops to find the one that suits your yoga exercising needs.