Mask Chains


    Since masks have become mandatory, we’ve seen a plethora of creative techniques for keeping masks nearby when they aren’t immediately in use. From the one-ear-dangle to the chin-strap look, it seems like every method has been attempted but none have provided the perfect answer. So we decided to find a solution that is convenient, comfortable, and stylish.

    And that solution is the mask chain! Available in a wide selection of styles, you can choose a chain you’d like to use that matches your unique style.

    Our mask chains are designed to help you always keep your mask nearby, so you never forget it in the car or while you’re shopping. This chain will help to ensure that even though you need a mask, it doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable or unpleasant experience.

    Our chains are also adjustable and usable with sunglasses, so when masks are no longer necessary in public, you can still use them!

    Give the mask chain a try and see how it improves your daily experience! We are confident you’ll enjoy your new mask chain, but if you do decide it isn’t the best fit for you, you can view our return policy on these chains by clicking the link in our footer menu.

    All mask chains fit every Yoga Society mask site, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility. Feel free to look at any of our other mask products by navigating to the mask collection in the header menu. We pride ourselves on sourcing as many of our items as possible locally here in California, including these chains.