Hand Sanitizer Spray


    Hand Sanitizer Spray

    With the COVID-19 pandemic now a part of daily life, having hand sanitizer has become an everyday necessity for many Americans. That’s why we now offer moisturizing hand sanitizer sprays.

    Our sanitizers are comprised of 70% alcohol for maximum effectiveness, and are developed in an FDA registered lab in America. Each bottle is 2oz, making them the ideal size for easy-carry in pockets, bags, and purses. And if there is anywhere where you need to keep a handy bottle of hand sanitizer with you now, it's when you are practicing yoga.

    This is especially true if you are regularly participating in yoga classes. Yoga requires you to stretch, bend, and reach while practicing different poses and yoga flows. Additionally, maintaining and repositioning yoga poses requires you to touch the ground or yoga mats often or for sustained periods.

    Our Drippies Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is the perfect yoga companion, and will help to keep you hygienically protected while exercising. Our moisturizing hand sanitizer has a fast-absorbing formula that kills germs and bacteria efficiently. Use this hand sanitizer multiple times daily as needed, and rub into the skin for at least 20 seconds for maximum effectiveness.

    This moisturizing hand sanitizer is also infused with aloe barbadensis leaf to augment moisturizing relief. It is the perfect hygienic protection you can use on the go, during yoga classes, daily errands, and any time outdoors.

    While other alcohol-based sanitizers can severely dry out your hands, our hygienic and restorative moisturizing sanitizer will keep you protected and moisturized. Drippies are also lightly scented, so you don’t have hands that smell strongly of alcohol. Drippies are available in scents like Lemongrass and Mint Rose Water.