Children's Masks


    As a distributor of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, we pride ourselves on safety above all else. That’s why we felt the need to do our part by offering children’s cloth face masks alongside adult face masks. These washable masks are standard sizes for children so you can ensure your child is keeping themselves and everyone around them safe.

    And even after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, these masks can be used during flu season to help slow the spread of germs and stop children from getting each other sick! Our 4-packs of masks come in black, blue with white stripes, yellow with white stripes, and camo, so you’re sure to find a style that your child loves!

    Regardless of the occasion, you can ensure that your child is wearing a high-quality mask designed to meet the guidelines provided by the California Department of Public Health.

    These masks are designed for children 3-8 years old, and each mask is layered with 100% cotton. Our goal is to provide a safe mask that is comfortable and reusable while we all work together to keep everyone around us safe! We know if your child’s mask isn’t comfy and snug they won’t ever want to wear them, so we’ve done our best to make sure your kid loves them!

    We pride ourselves on being a small, American-made business, which is why every mask we sell is made right here in California. And since our masks are locally made, they all ship within 48 business hours! Let’s all join together to stop the spread of COVID-19!