What is Chi? How to Balance Your Chi

Sometimes everything seems perfect from the outside, but your mind feels off balance for no specific reason.  It may be a subtle feeling of stress, irritation, lack of fulfillment, or simply feeling low.

And as hard as you try, you still can’t figure out why.

Your Chi or Qi energy levels may be to blame here. 

And guess what? It could also be the solution to everything.

Wait but… What exactly is Chi? And how can it benefit your life?

Let’s find out.

What Is Chi? 

In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chi (spelled qi or ki) is the life force or energy that runs through each individual. It's the essence of your true self, uniting the body, the mind, and the spirit. 

Consider with the example of a seed - 

Seeds can stay dormant for years but still have a life force. The seed returns to life when exposed to light, dirt, and water.

The same goes for Chi. 

Chi energy is based on vibrational energy currents that, when healthy, flow within the body through energy pathways known as Meridians (Chakras) and radiate outwards into your life. 

Chi flows through all forms of life, and when balanced, it helps us truly thrive by merging the physical with the mental and spiritual realms. 

One can nourish their inner Chi with a nutritious diet, quality sleep, and regular movement exercises.

But how exactly is Chi energy critical to our health and well-being?

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Why Is Chi Important?

When there is free flow, no pain. When there is pain, no free flow.”

  • The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. (237 BC)

  • A healthy life is all about balance. Yet, the modern world drains our vital energy, disrupting our inner self's natural state.  

    TCM practitioners firmly believe that an imbalance of Chi can profoundly impact one’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

    Effects of unbalanced Chi

    A 2015 study indicates the following as the ill effects of an unbalanced Chi -

    • Weak pulse.
    • Emotional distress.
    • Fatigue or low energy.
    • Insomnia.
    • Shortness of Breath.
    • Sudden sweating.
    • Swollen Tongue.

    Chi deficiencies can also result in physical health issues like indigestion, nausea, headaches, and loss of appetite.

    Mental health issues include frustration, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, anger, chronic stress, and other psycho-spiritual ailments.

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    What affects the Balance of Chi?

    When the dynamic balance of your Chi is disrupted, it becomes stagnant and breaks the alignment between your inner and outer harmony.

    Here are a few factors that affect the balance of your Chi energy:

    • Unhealthy diet / Artificial food.
    • Lack of regular movement.
    • Irregular sleep cycles.
    • Lack of basic necessities.
    • Poor social life.
    • Stressful environment.

    An imbalance in Chi could also be caused by insufficient love, mental stimulation, or a lack of acceptance or attention to one’s emotional needs. 

    Experts also suggest that an excess of anything in general, overeating, or over-exercising, could also result in an imbalance of Chi.

    So, what does it feel like when your Chi is entirely balanced?

    Signs of Balanced Chi

    When you attain a dynamic balance in life, and your energy is full of vitality, Chi flows freely. 

    And when Chi flows freely, you may experience the following:

    • Higher levels of energy.
    • Increased endurance and stamina.
    • Increased resilience in the face of challenges.
    • Less Brain fog.
    • Clarity of mind.
    • Increased willpower and confidence.
    • Harmony and love with others.
    • Physical radiance or Glow.
    • Deep sleep.
    • Overall well-being.

    Balanced Chi is a serene state of wellness for the mind, the spirit, and the body.

    Let’s dive deeper and explore the proven ways by which you can attain the divine balance of Chi within your body.

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    How to Balance your Chi energy?

    Chi is the root source of energy for all life in the world. It’s pure, abundant, natural, and divine. 

    Hence, the best ways to attain the dynamic balance of this energy source are natural methods.


    While it may seem difficult, Meditation is a highly effective practice for tuning into your Chi. Even 10 minutes of daily meditation can provide mental and spiritual benefits.

    At deeper states of meditation, one can fully experience the surreal feeling of emptiness and harness the ability to activate your inner self to rewire the energy levels back to balance.

    Quality Sleep

    A consistent cycle of deep sleep helps rejuvenate the brain, thereby revitalizing your energy levels back to normal. 

    Avoid using electric devices 3 hours before bedtime. Use blue light-blocking glasses (which you can keep on our glasses chains), set an ideal room temperature, and align your sleep pattern with the natural rhythms of sunrise and sunset. 


    Acupuncture is an ancient practice and the cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

    It includes strategically placed thin, sharp needles meant to awaken activation channels that act as pathways for Chi within the body.

    The practice stimulates the nerves and connectivity tissues, increasing the flow of Chi through the Meridians.


    Yoga postures are held for prolonged periods, and by syncing the breath with body movement, Chi accumulates within you and creates a blockage near the activation channels.

    As you slowly release from each posture, the blockage leading out the meridian is removed, and your Chi is set to flow freely at an increased pace.

    A repeated sequence of such Yoga postures helps prevent further blockage from hindering the flow of Chi energy through your Chakras.


    Medicinal herbs were used in ancient China for thousands of years before conventional medicine. Aswagandha, Chrysanthemum, Garlic, Ginger, and Blue lotus are herbs that can help activate the Chi energy channels.

    Tai Chi

    Originally developed as a form of Martial arts, Tai Chi has now evolved to become an art form of moving meditation, with deep-breathing techniques reminiscent of breath-synced Yoga.

    It aims to balance your Yin and Yang with its low-impact, flowing movements that work well to keep your blockages at bay, thereby restoring your Chi energy balance.

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    Chi is the sole spiritual force that can help us thrive in all aspects of life. It’s the true hallmark of vibrant health and vitality.

    If you want to tune into deeper levels of your inner self and attain the balance of your spiritual consciousness, consider addressing any imbalance or deficiency in your Chi energy levels through a holistic lifestyle.

    Yes, balancing your Chi requires modification to your daily life with a disciplined approach toward everything, but when the rewards are well worth a lifetime of effort, Why not give it a try?


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