Men's Yoga Pants Buying Guide

Nothing can beat yoga when it comes to improving strength, stamina, and improving balance. And in recent years, yoga has grown in popularity among men who are trying to achieve these goals. They're tapping into the many benefits it brings towards shaping the body, empowering the mind, and emboldening the spirit. Yoga is more than a fad in men’s workouts - it's become an integral part of creating an exercise routine with a holistic focus on health and well-being. 

And with so many men including yoga into their daily routines, clothing manufacturers have begun catering to this burgeoning market. Men's yoga clothing and pants in particular have only grown in demand and companies are stepping up with supply. 

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Choosing The Right Yoga Pants

A lot of guys will be happy showing up to class in an old T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants or shorts. After all, this is exercise so why not come to class geared up for a workout? There's certainly nothing wrong with this way of thinking, but it isn't always practical to get dressed for a workout when you're about to take a yoga class. 

While there are similarities between them (like the fact that you're going to sweat a whole lot), your movements in a yoga course tend to be a whole lot different than when you're lifting weights or running on the treadmill. Keeping this in mind, you want to get the right clothes for the right type of workout. In the case of yoga pants, you have plenty of choices as to length and materials.

Men's yoga pants come in full-length, cropped, and shorts. The one you pick is really a matter of personal preference and what you feel most comfortable in. 

What To Look For When You Buy

Once you've decided on the length that you want, think about functionality. Remember, you're going to sweat so you want your pants made from a material that wicks moisture. That way your skin and your mat won't remain drenched for the duration of the course. Men typically sweat more than women, so yoga gear designed for men needs to address this fact. Make sure your pants are made from a fully breathable fabric as well. Airflow is vital for staying cool and dry in a pair of well-made yoga pants. 

One of the reasons you practice yoga is to increase your flexibility. Keep that same goal in mind when you're purchasing a pair of yoga pants. You need mobility and unrestricted range of movement, and your clothes should always feel loose and comfortable (though not too loose). Stretchable fabric is always best when selecting any yoga gear, but it's especially important for pants because you'll be bending, kneeling, and twisting a lot. 

These are two of the most important factors that should play into your decision-making process. Which materials are the best for achieving both of these objectives in just one garment? You can find most pairs of men's yoga pants and shorts constructed from a variety of materials. Everything from cotton to lycra to bamboo and even hemp are options when shopping for yoga pants . All of these materials offer the support and durability you want with the flexibility and unhindered movement that is essential for performing yoga poses properly. 

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Style Of Yoga

Before you gear up, think about the style of yoga you're planning to do. Certain styles of pants and materials are best-suited for certain types of yoga. You're likely to sweat doing just about any style of yoga, but you are guaranteed to sweat if you're doing Bikram or Hot Yoga. With the temperature cranked way up in the studio, your body is going to feel it. For this situation, you're probably going to want shorts or, at the very least, a cropped option. The less clothing the better for Hot Yoga. 

Let's say you're doing a faster-paced style of yoga, one that will see you move in and out of poses at a fluid, sustained pace. You don't want anything to ride up or get caught as you're transitioning from one posture to the next. So you may want full-length pants that fit loose and allow you to move. But if you choose something that is too loose, your pants could interfere with your ability to shift successfully between poses. 

Final Thoughts

Buying a good pair of men's yoga pants shouldn't take a lot of effort, nor money. Find something that fits well and looks good and you're ready for class. You will find a whole range of affordable choices online. Many of the major labels now offer men's lines in addition to their usual inventory, although some of these prices can get high. While it's true you get what you pay for, don't feel like you need to spend a lot in order to get a lot. If you're just getting started, go with a pair of pants or shorts that are less expensive and trade up later on as you become more committed to your yoga routine. 

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