Yoga Wheel Poses

There is a myriad of poses that you can choose to do with a yoga wheel for better balance and stability. These poses can also help to improve your flexibility and deepen your practice. You may even be able to reach goals that you thought were unattainable until now.


Here are a couple poses you may want to try with your yoga wheel to improve balance and stability:


Seated Hero Pose

Take your hero pose to a whole new level as you open your body and use the support of your yoga wheel to achieve a backbend you may not have felt comfortable with up until this point. This pose is also a great way to stretch the ankles, knees, and the quads. To begin, adjust your knees apart from one another in a manner that is comfortable for you. Don't push yourself too much – merely bring them as far away or as close as you wish. Sit down in between the heels of your feet and roll slowly back against the wheel so that your spine is in contact with the curved surface throughout the full length of your back. Reach your arms past your shoulders and head and stretch.


Bridge Pose

This pose can help to increase your strength and balance all in one challenging movement. This is achieved by taking the tried and true Bridge pose and adding in a little workout for your hamstrings. Start by lying flat on the floor with knees bent and arms by your sides. Then step on the yoga wheel from this prone position. Bring the wheel close to your buttocks and hold it in place as you position your feet where they belong. Once you're secure, you can let go of the wheel and start to roll it forward by extending your legs out. Be sure to inhale as you move the wheel forward and exhale as you roll it back towards you.


Poses aren't the only thing you can do with your yoga wheel. Try these stretches to get the most out of this exciting prop:


Lunge Stretch

Place the wheel under the front of your thigh to stretch the hamstrings with maximum support or place it under your shins to get in a nice long stretch of your quads. Either way, this is a stretch that relies on the yoga wheel to bring proper support while allowing for a deep stretch that is not too challenging to perform.



Extended Shoulder Stretch

Another option for those who are seeking a low-impact stretch that focuses on the back and shoulders. This stretch is good for anyone trying to correct the pain and discomfort caused by poor posture, or attempting to release the tension that can accumulate in the shoulders and back. Simply lie on the wheel and slide yourself forward until your torso rests on the floor. Extend your arms out push down firmly while bringing your legs up. Be sure the wheel is kept under your abdomen. Breathe in and breathe out and hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds.

How can you incorporate yoga props in a fun way? Remember, props are there to help you achieve your goals. You can use them to give yourself more support or to bring the floor to you. Sometimes a pose is too hard when you’re starting out. Even simply trying to touch the floor from a kneeling or standing position can be challenging.  A prop such as a block or yoga wheel can make reaching the floor easier. You can use these props to make an old pose that you've done time and again into something more challenging and exciting.