Why Use A Yoga Wheel?

Yoga Wheels are all over social media and becoming one of the most popular yoga accessories today. Perhaps you've used one before, but if you haven’t, this versatile and useful prop can appear somewhat intimidating at first glance. Have no fear - the yoga wheel is quite easy to use and can help to improve flexibility and strength when utilized during a yoga class or any type of fitness routine.


Incorporating props into your practice is a tried and true method to expand on an existing yoga practice. Each one offers specific benefits to increase mobility and offer greater stability, but the yoga wheel is unique amongst other props. You can find them in various sizes, each one designed to fulfill a specific purpose. When included in your practice they can help bring about a whole new range of movement and physical advantages. Best of all, a yoga wheel can expand your yoga regimen and allow you to succeed with poses that you may not have tried yet.