Does A Yoga Wheel Help Back and Spine Pain?

A yoga wheel can offer a convenient and effective way to massage the back and spine without fear of injury. Best of all, the impacts of that massage can be as hard or soft as you wish, depending on how you lie on the wheel. As a result, the full length of the spine can feel the benefits of the a deep stretch as you slowly roll back and forth.


It’s an unfortunate reality that many of us have bad posture, and that we tend to ignore that posture until we're feeling the agonizing impacts of our tendency to sit hunched forward at our desks all day. Sitting on a couch in a rolled forward position can also have devastating effects on the neck, back, shoulders, and spinal column. A yoga wheel can reverse these effects and eliminate the pain and discomfort that comes with sitting at a desk all day or remaining stationary for lengthy periods of time in a position that just isn't good for your back.


Poor posture is about undue pressure being placed on your body. That leads to the muscles in the back and shoulders, as well as the spine, becoming strained to the point of discomfort. This discomfort can soon become very painful and lead to chronic pain issues in the lower to middle back.


A yoga wheel can alleviate these problems without requiring a lot of time using the prop to feel the relief you seek. Just lying on a yoga wheel for five to ten minutes every day can reverse the strain on the muscles and spine caused by poor posture and a slouching position as you sit. The body automatically mimics the curved shape of the wheel which helps to realign the natural curvature of the spine and allow the shoulders to fall back into the proper natural position. These can both correct the posture and bring relief through the release of tension.


But while these are just some of the enticing reasons for having a yoga wheel in your home, the benefits of this prop for use in your regular practice include the assisting you in reaching certain postures such as backbend, bridge pose, and other poses that focus on opening up the heart and chest.