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20 Best Mesh Leggings

Why Mesh Leggings?

There are so many reasons to be in the market for the best mesh leggings! Some people need a good pair of leggings to wear throughout the day that is going to be fashionable and comfortable. Others may be looking for a pair of leggings that will keep up with their high-intensity workouts.

The biggest issue with mesh leggings is that they are inherently breathable. Having the mesh cut-outs provides ventilation throughout even the most intense workouts! Also, when done correctly, the mesh can be super stylish. 

Take a look at the best mesh leggings 2020 has to offer, and be prepared to add a few to your shopping cart!

Yoga Society Pink Mesh Inset Legging

Pink leggings with mesh details


These Yoga Society leggings are the perfect combination of performance and style! With mesh details along the calf and thigh, they are bound to turn heads! 

The color of these leggings is also phenomenal! This shade of pink is hard to find, so grab a pair as soon as you can!

When it comes to performance, these leggings are up for any challenge. Created with moisture-wicking technology, the pink mesh inset leggings by Yoga Society are perfect for any type of workout. 

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Mila Pocket Legging Fabletics

Dark red mesh leggings

Fabletics always has some amazing athletic products for women. These full-length mesh leggings can’t be beaten with their combination of comfort, quality, and performance. 

With mesh details running from just above the ankle to above the knee, you will notice the quality and breathability through every workout. Not only are they breathable, but they are also chafe-resistant, moisture-wicking, and have UPF protection.

One of the top overall features for women’s pants is when they have pockets! These leggings provide not one, but several pockets. Not only do they have easy access side pockets, but they also have hidden pockets as well! 

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Calia Studio Carrie Underwood Women’s Essential Mesh

White Mesh Leggings


Are you looking for a sleek design that has a balanced blend of performance and leisure? Then the Calia Studio Essential Mesh Leggings are what you are looking for. 

These pure white leggings are part of Carrie Underwood’s collection and have everything you need for your workouts. These leggings have great stretch and are high-waisted! They stay in place very well for running and a wide range of other exercises! 

When it comes to built-in technology, these leggings pull out all of the stops. They are designed with moisture-wicking and antimicrobial technology. Antimicrobial technology fights odor meaning your leggings stay fresh throughout your workout!

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B Outside the Line Legging | Free Country 

 Black striped mesh legging


Breathable, fashionable, and stretchable; this is everything you need in a great pair of leggings. With the B Outside the Line Legging, Free Country delivers everything you need, and more. 

These leggings are made with four-way-stretch Jersey fabric, making every step of the day comfortable! The striped mesh design on the sides is perfect for keeping you cool and fresh throughout the day. 

The mesh isn’t the only design feature that makes these leggings stand out. They are also designed with mixed media matte and shine, giving them a unique look! And the compression fitting high-waist keeps everything in place when you are out for your daily jog! 

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Highwaisted Seemless Mesh Legging | Fabletics

 Black leggings with bottom mesh

Fabletics is at it again with another great pair of mesh leggings! These light compression leggings are cute and comfortable and will get you through a tough day at the gym or a busy day running errands. 

These high-waisted seamless leggings are moisture-wicking and have odor protection technology, making them ready for all of your most intense workouts!

The mesh design around the ankle is a great touch to make them stand out and will have you reaching for them for every part of your day!

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LU’AU HI-RISE LEGGING Shape activewear

 Black and camo mesh leggings


Black with a little bit of camo design and mesh? Sign me up! These leggings from Shape Activewear are dynamic and perfect for whatever you have planned for your busy day!

The Lu’au high rise leggings are designed with zero slip support so you will be comfortable every step of the way. And the discrete side slip pocket allows you to keep some valuables close by while you are working up a sweat! 

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LIVI Capri Power Legging With Mesh Inset

Black cropped legging with Side Mesh

There is just something so classic about a good pair of black leggings. The LIVI Capri Power Leggings are that classic pair of leggings that are your go-to, but with a twist. The subtle mesh lining that stretches the side and back of these leggings really makes them stand out.

However, it’s not just the design that will make these your new favorite leggings. They are perfect for all your workouts! From running to lifting, these leggings have the stretch and technology you need to complete any training. 

They are made with all of the best features, from quick-drying to supportive stretch! They are even fade resistant so that they will stay true to color wash after wash!

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Forever 21 Active Mesh Panel 

Green Mesh Leggings


Forever 21 is a fantastic one-stop-shop for cute, comfortable, and affordable leggings. These Active Mesh leggings are no exception. 

These leggings are breathable and comfortable, making them great for leisure days or busy days! They have great stretch as well, making them great for light workouts and jogs! 

The neutral color is a nice touch making them stand out, but still maintaining a classic feel! Pair these leggings with your favorite t-shirt and facemask, and you are good for the day!

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Bright Yellow Nike Mesh Leggings

 Bright Yellow legging with side mesh

Shine as bright as you want with these bright yellow mesh leggings from Nike! These are made for those who want to stand out and show everyone at the gym how hard they can push themselves!

The color is not the only thing that stands out about these leggings. They are engineered for action. The high-waisted band supports your core, while the mesh details around each leg keep you cool during your most intense workouts. 

Run, jump, lift, and play in these amazing mesh leggings!

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Ongasoft Yoga Pants

White Mesh Yoga Pants

Who doesn’t like variety? With the Ongasoft Yoga Pants, you can choose from a range of colors! Or you can pick all of them, no judgment.

No one would blame you for getting multiple pairs of these yoga pants because they are so comfortable. They are made with a lightweight fabric that is breathable, but are thick enough to have great tummy control with their high-waisted band!

The moisture-wicking technology will keep you cool during your runs, yoga class, or running errands. And to put the cherry on top, these leggings come with deep pockets to hold your phone and anything else you need throughout your day! 

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ALO Yoga

Pink Moto Yoga Pants

When it comes to style, the ALO Moto Yoga pants stand out like no other. These leggings are designed with a stylish moto pattern across the front of the pants that give them a truly unique design. 

They are made for peak performance while doing yoga. They are stretchy, comfortable, and all-around perfect for working out. 

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 Black leggings with side mesh cut-outs


PRIMSPORT prides itself on its distinctive prints, and this pair of leggings represent this brand perfectly.

These leggings are classic and minimalist, but still have a stand out mesh design. The mesh cutaways give a sleek look to these leggings that will definitely turn some heads.

The fabric of these leggings is an activewear jersey, making them stretchy and comfortable. The mesh cut-outs allow for extra ventilation and cooling during workouts!

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Cityoung Yoga Capri Pant 

 Black and white high waisted leggings.

The Cityoung mesh leggings have an amazingly unique design and are incredibly comfortable for everyday wear. These mesh leggings are perfect for anything from yoga, to jogging, to running errands. 

One feature that stands out is they have excellent tummy control and fit nice and snug around the waistline. 

Please note that this pair of leggings does tend to run small, so consider that before you make your purchase.

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Power Mesh Legging

Black Leggings with black mesh.


Performance and design blend seamlessly with the power mesh leggings by SweatyBetty! 

The Power Mesh Leggings are designed with 4-way stretch and are moisture-wicking, keeping you comfortable in every way during your workouts! They are also designed with flattening seams that sculpt your body!

To add to the perfection of these leggings, they have three pockets that will comfortably fit your phone! Two on each side and one that zips up the front. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your essentials unattended again.

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Mesh Contender Capri

Neutral mesh Capri leggings.


Everyone loves a good neutral color! These Mesh Contender Capris have a great color, a stylish design, and are made for high impact performance.

You will want to grab these leggings out of your closet whenever it is gym time. Their compression technology and cool-to-the-touch fabric take them to the next level. 

Athleta is a company that takes both fashion and function very seriously! Click here to see how great the Mesh Contender Capri’s really are! 

ALALA Stepped Tight 

Black blocked mesh leggings

These black on black block meshed leggings are all you need to work out in high fashion. Their high-performance breathability and comfort will have you pushing yourself with ease!

The Stepped Tight has a comfortable fit, but is also equipped with an inside drawstring for some extra tightness if you need it. 

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Highwaisted Mesh Legging

Pink mesh seamless leggings.


Joylab has created the perfect blend of workout and casual. These high-waisted mesh leggings are sleek and comfortable, while the mesh adds an extra flair that is stylish and functional. 

These leggings are flattering with their seamless design. Also, the high-waist gives the ultimate tummy control!

Target is a fantastic place to find hidden gems, and these leggings are no exception. Click here to find your size! 

UA Favorite Mesh Crop

Black cropped leggings with side mesh


UnderArmour is known for its innovative and top of the line athletic wear. Performance and durability are what you expect from this company. 

Every component to their clothing has a purpose, and mesh, in this case, is no exception. On the UA Favorite Mesh Crop Leggings, the mesh is used to enhance the already ultra-lightweight feel of these leggings. 

They are designed to go all day and maintain incredible comfort with their 4-way stretch construction and anti-odor technology. 

If you are in the market for high-performance leggings, you might want to give these a try. Click here to learn more about the UA Mesh Crop Leggings. 

High Waisted Run Legging

High-waisted black leggings with mesh

Stylish and comfortable, Old Navy has created an all-around great legging for working out. These leggings are designed with 4-way stretch technology, and mesh blocks behind the knees to ensure comfort and top-notch performance. 

They are also designed with lightweight compression that sculpts your body and provides a comfortable seamless look. Also, the moisture-wicking technology keeps your body cool so that you can perform longer during your workouts.

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Believe Thies 2.0 Jacquard Mesh

 Blue cropped mesh leggings


Cute and comfy, Adidas has done an amazing job with their Jacquard Mesh Tights! These tights are perfect for everything from at-home workouts to an intense run outside. 

The Jacquard Mesh Tights contain Moisture absorbing features, meaning they are ready for any workout you throw at them!

Not in the mood for working out? No problem! These form-fitting tights are insanely comfortable for a day on the go! Not to mention they have the one thing every woman needs but hardly ever gets, a pocket!

These leggings are form-fitting and run true to size! 

They are only available in blue for now, but with the popularity, hopefully, Adidas will grace us with more of a selection!

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Final Remarks 

When you think of the best mesh leggings, people tend to think of fashion and leisure. But as we have seen, there are plenty of mesh leggings that are built to perform.

Having moisture-wicking technology and extra compression for comfort during high-intensity workouts can elevate your performance and get you the desired results. It’s not just about fashion; it’s about finding the leggings that have you looking, feeling, and performing at your best!

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